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About us

Mobile Warrior, based out of Vancouver, Washington, USA, provides technological solutions for the transportation industry. Our software is built to make drivers and fleet managers more efficient, productive and in compliance with regulations.

Since 2010, we’ve been at the forefront of the development of technologies and services that have brought the power of science to the North American trucking industry. We’ve created intuitive automated solutions that improve operations by integrating operational and performance data with billing, payroll, routing and compliance systems.

We are the pioneers of mobile fleet optimization, a revolution that’s literally putting the power of technology in the palm of every trucker’s hand. We have the technology and now bring the power to you. Managing your fleet is as simple as a click of a button or a tap on your device.

Why Choose Us?

Our solutions collect and visualize the data that truck fleet owners, managers and drivers rely on to optimize efficiency, safety, compliance and ROI.

We take care of the numbers.
Our customers take care of business.

Electronic Logging Devices (ELD’s) aren’t merely high-tech driver logs—they offer much more than a means to a trucking regulatory compliance end. When you intelligently harness the robust data analytics that fleet management software and mobile technology deliver, you can maximize fleet performance—and that translates into greater profitability and Return on Investment.

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A technology trailblazer. Unlike most systems which require embedded modems or satellite communications, Mobile Warrior leverages cell phones, smartphones and other handheld devices to automatically communicate the GPS and engine diagnostic information you need to reduce costs, improve safety and compliance, and increase customer satisfaction.

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